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  • Published on June 17th
  • A year since our American debut in Las Vegas, Q-dance is returning to rattle the City of Angels.


The Sound of Q-dance

Los Angeles' historic Shrine Expo Hall will be transformed into a haven for lovers of the harder styles on October 5th, 2013, as Q-Dance presents the inaugural edition of 'The Sound of Q-Dance' in California. Expect production values of the highest caliber at the 54,000 square feet venue, home to several other annual EDM events and located near the 10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. The top hard dance headliners coupled with our signature stagecraft,  will ensure a night out no attendee will soon forget. The Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall is accessible via the LA Metro Expo line (Jefferson/USC exit) and the Shrine Auditorium parking lot is located at 700 W. 32nd Street (other lots and street parking are also nearby). Those who have attended our events in Europe or Australia know the experiential magic that can transpire when hardstyle hits fans the right way, in the right venue, at the right time. Los Angeles is about to find out what 'The Sound of Q-Dance' is all about. Don't be left out.


  • Coone

    Without a doubt, Coone lives and breathes hardstyle. Driven by his natural creativity and his interest for the music, with a great talent, he combines the production and the DJ-ing to the maximum. Therefore, it is no surprise that he has become one of the worlds leading hardstyle producers. After a brilliant performance where he had the honor to open the closing ritual of Defqon.1 Festival 2013 you can expect a wide variety of hard beats.

  • Gunz for Hire

    In early 2011 an underground alliance was formed in the shadows. Two colossal hardstyle assassins with an unmatchable, intrinsic passion for music joined forces and fused together years of sonic creation. The collaboration resulted in a sound unlike anything heard before: dark, hard, and unquestionably raw. At events up and down the country, frantic scenes have been witnessed due to hardstyle-fanatics freaking out as they suffer audio-overload at the hands of our two sound assassins. Get hit by the raw beats of Gunz for Hire!

  • Humanoise

    Humanoise is a combination that stands for a natural, hard, diverse and energetic sound. Both members of this hardstyle duo played under several names at a lot of events in the passed like Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel, Nature One, Frequence and many more. Humanoise is not just a hardstyle act. They combine different kinds of harder styles in their sets which makes their performances very diverse.

  • Noisecontrollers

    Over the years, the Noisecontrollers have established themselves as the barrier-breakers of the scene, time after time taking hardstyle to a new level. They have been voted World's #1 Hardstyle Duo for the last 2 years and in January 2011 their career reached a new milestone with the hosting of their own edition of X-Qlusive. Not long after X-Qlusive they released their first studio album, titled E=NC², with tracks like So High and Pillars Of Creation setting new standards. The Noisecontrollers also made the IQON anthem this year. Ans again proofed they always intent to reinvent.

  • Psyko Punkz

    Psyko Punkz are well known for their energetic performances playing their well known signature sound. The future promises to remain bright for these two, as they continue the evolution of their production style while providing fans with a phenomenal show that never ceases to entertain. In 2012 the Psyko Punkz were responsible for the official Qlimax 2012 anthem called ''Fate Or Fortune''.

  • Wildstylez

    Wildstylez is one of the most recognized artists in harder dance. His collaboration with Headhunterz as Project One was one of the scene’s most successful partnerships, while his Digital Age label with Noisecontrollers is a Hardstyle powerhouse. Wildstylez finished #41 in DJ Mag’s top 100 poll last year, and with Brennan Heart, created the crossover anthem 'Lose My Mind'. In 2013 he went even further with 'Year Of Summer', which became a top 40 radio hit, and the first Hardstyle track to receive Gold Status certification in Holland. His success has not gone unnoticed by the wider dance music spectrum, and he has remixes forthcoming for EDM heavy hitters Hardwell and Nicky Romero.

  • Hosted by Villain

    Through his unequalled passion for the harder styles in dance music, Villain has the ability to connect with crowds all over the world. Besides his MC skills, he also features in countless hardstyle hits from producers like Headhunterz, Frontliner, and Zatox. During the past 12 months, this hardstyle warrior travelled alongside the worlds greatest artists to countless countries across the world.

History a.k.a. The Q-dance Legacy